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    Brookside Farm Fresh Butter 250g (Tub)

    A perfect balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats that help in brain function and skin health. With added salt, for extra mineralsVariant: Unsalted

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  • Browns Salted Butter 500g

    Our butter cream is cultured and left to ferment overnight before we craft it by hand into butter. this adds a delicious tang to our butter not found...

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  • Browns - Bleu De Brun 150g

    Browns Cheese - Blue De Brun.

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  • Browns - Brie 125g

    Browns Cheese - Brie.

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    Browns - Cottage Cheese 200g

    Browns Cottage Cheese - Vegetarian

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  • Browns - Lemon Pepper Feta 250g

    Browns Cheese - Lemon Pepper Feta.

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  • Browns - Limuru Cheddar 225g

    Browns Limuru Cheddar a traditionally made farmhouse Cheddar with no colouring or additives in making e. It's an ideal cheese for pastas and sauce

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  • Browns - Mozzarella Cheese 200g

    Browns cheese - Mozzarella.

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  • Browns Bleu De Brun 100g

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    Browns Bocconcini ( bite sized mozzarella balls ) 250g

    Contains: Pasteurized Cow milk, salt, Vegetarian Rennet  culture' s and water Storage : Store @ 4deg C

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  • Browns Camembert Cheese 200g

    Browns Cheese - Camembert. Nutritional Information  Whole milk, vegetarian rennet, cheese cultures, salt Storage : Store @ 4degree Celcius 

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  • Browns Cheddar 225g

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  • Browns Chevre (Goat Cheese) 100g

    Contains Pasteurized Goat milk, Salt, Vegetarian rennet, active probiotic cheese culture Store @ 4 degree C

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  • Browns Chili Chive Cheddah 225g

    Contains Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Salt, Vegetarian Rennet Chilli Chive, Chilli  & Cheese Culture' s

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  • Browns Feta Cheese 200g

    100g of Browns Feta Cheese cut fresh from our Cheese Deli.

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  • Browns Gouda Portion Cheese 200g

    Contains: Pasteurized cow's milk, Vegetarian  rennet, active probiotic Cheese Cultures & salt.

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    Browns Halloumi Cheese 250g

    Well known as the perfect “Nyama Choma” cooking cheese, Brown's Halloumi is delicious sliced and grilled or marinade with lemon juice, olive oil & your favorite herbs and then simply grill...

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  • Browns Herby Goat (marinated in fresh herb & Oil) 100g

    Ingredients Pasteurized Goat's Milk,Vegetarian Rennet, Salt, Cheese Culture, Lemon Verbena, Baby Leaf, Pepper, Rosemary,  Garlic,  Marjoram, Canola Oil, Oregano,  Lemon Zest, Celery seeds Store @4deg C

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  • Browns Low Fat Cream Cheese 250g

    Contains pasteurized cow milk & cream, Salt, Vegetarian Rennet & Cheese Cultures. Store @4 deg C

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  • Browns Low Fat Ricotta Cheese 420g

    Contains: Vegetarian  Whey & Citric Acid

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  • Browns Marinated Feta Cheese

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  • Browns Marinated Halloumi Cheese.

    Contains - Pasteurized Cow Milk,salt,Cheese Cultures,Vegetarian Rennet,Vegetable Oil and Chili.

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  • Browns Mini Camembert 25g

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  • Browns Paneer 250g

    Browns Cheese - Paneer.

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