Our Story

The Zucchini Way

On a sunny day back in 1991, a new kind of grocery store was born in Kenya. One that focuses on the charm of the market, filled with as much fresh produce as could fit our shelves. Our aim is to bring you the best quality, freshest fruit and vegetables right from the farm. Fresh, quality produce is at the heart of what we do. We want to know where our food comes from, how it’s been grown and just what it contains.

It all starts with our blossoming relationship with the growers and farmers and continues with our instore family.

Many of our farmers have grown with us from the very beginning. And this means we get the first pick of the harvest, so it’s at its freshest when it arrives toyou, just as if we were picking for ourselves.

We believe in treating our farmers fairly and honouring our commitments. We support responsible sourcing and trading fairly so that everyone can enjoy ‘ the good stuff’.

This is the Zucchini way.