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Zucchini Greengrocers LTD

Laki Laki Greek Raspberry Yoghurt

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450ml Laki Laki - Greek Raspberry Yoghurt

Our greek yoghurt is artisanal made in the same way the ancient greeks did and some cultures in the Middle-East are still doing. We make natural yoghurt and hang this yoghurt for 4 hours in a cheese cloth. By doing this, the liquid (whey) drips out of the yoghurt and the solids stay in the cheese cloth. After 4 hours, the yoghurt has become thick and creamy in the most natural way possible. We don’t need to add milk powder, starch or other thickeners. Just lovely yoghurt!

  • Full cream: 5% fat
  • High level of protein: 11 grams
  • No or reduced sugar
  • No additives (coloring, flavoring or odoring)
  • Flavours: Natural, Blueberry, Mango-passion, Raspberry