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Due to high demand, you may experience some delay on your order and out of stock items.
Due to high demand, you may experience some delay on your order and out of stock items.

Vitalia RAW BAR with Date, Fig, Cashew and Amaranth 30g


This Raw Bar is a delicious mix of unique 100% raw ingredients, with minimal processing, with all their nutrients retaining their original nutritional value.

The date is considered to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world, not only because of its sweet taste, but also because of the abundance of nutrients. Dates are especially high in iron. 100g of dates contain 90mg of iron which is 11% of the daily recommended values. It is also high in vitamin B6 which positively influences the mood and the serotonin secretion.

The fig with its sweet taste contains a great amount of fiber, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are especially useful in strengthening the bones, preventing the loss of calcium and preventing respiratory diseases.

The cashew nut is a unique food recognizable by the benefits for the heart and the blood vessels. It is high in copper which helps in the elimination of the free radicals in the body thus reducing the risk of anaemia. A special feature of the cashew nut is that it contains the bioactive component (pigment) zeaxanthin, which is directly absorbed by the retina in the eye and helps maintain healthy eyes during the aging process.

The amaranth is a nutritionally rich superfood, high in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and protein. The amaranth is also high in fiber which improves digestion and regulates the macrobiotic in the body. Try the Raw bars for healthy and tasty enjoyment at any moment of the day. Stay energized and ready for all the challenges with this highly nutritive meal!

Suitable for vegans and gluten intolerant people. No added sugar!


dates 61%, dried figs 20%, cashews 10%, oat flakes, amaranth flakes


Contains cashews. May contain traces of other nuts.