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Alphajiri Soyoto - Gochujang Sauce

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We can say that it is "advanced" sriracha sauce. Both of the sauces / paste are savoury, spicy,sour, and sweet. But, the gochujang sauce has extra savouriness or "umami" that comes from miso, fermented soybean paste! Also, we can say that it's is more convenient mixture than normal thick gochujang paste. In terms of texture, it's more smooth. In terms of the taste, sourness and a bit of oil are added. So basically pouring over any food works well! You can also use them for stir-fry and marination.

Ingredients - Soybeans,rice malt,salt,sugar,soy beans,vinegar,rice wine,Korean chili,water,canola oil,ginger,garlic.