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Use code "NEWCUSTOMER" at checkout for 10% off your first order! Free same day delivery on orders above 2000/-
Use code "NEWCUSTOMER" at checkout for 10% off your first order! Free same day delivery on orders above 2000/-

Top 12 Makers of Christmas

ALBERT - Potatoes Supplier 

Did we think a few years ago that Albert would be a big part of the life of Zucchini? Nope. Are we over the moon to have him work with us? Most definitely yes! Albert supplies potatoes to us for the past 4 years now and his produce is one of a kind, and we thank him for their loyalty to us

PnP  - Bananas Supplier

PnP have been our clients for a long time,giving us the most fresh bananas that we can sell to you, for your own wellness! We have been getting our bananas from them for the past 6 years and couldn’t be happier.
Here’s Andrew delivering these goodies to us.

George - Carrot Supplier

It is necessary to have magnificent sides to add to your Christmas day meal, and so we say thank God for George who has been working with farmers from Meru and Narok. With their fresh produce being supplied to us for the
past 15 years and with our hungry stomachs, this is all that we need!


Beram Farm - Eggplants and Bitter Gourd Supplier

Veggies – people say you either hate ‘em, or love ‘em.
We say love! With Beram Farm in Embu County, there is no way
that you can’t love eating your eggplants and bitter gourd. These goodies have been supplied to us for the past 10 years now - all organically produced, just for you.

Anthony -  Cauliflower  Supplier
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Anthony. They grow their celery and cauliflower in Kikuyu and have been supplying to us with love for the past 10 years, just for you.

Stephen and Samuel - Veggies Suppliers 

When they’re not out on the farms sourcing veggies for us, or harvesting their crops – they’re here with us sharing a smile! Stephen and Samuel have been working with us for 10 years now, and we are grateful! They supply us with produce like dill, chives, coriander and radish among so many more – all from the terrains of Kiambu.

Robert Mwanik - Watermelon Supplier 

It is time for all the watermelon fans to unite! We love working with Robert Mwaniki, the supplier of these delicious watermelons all they way from Uganda. Being a grower of produce is not just about the food, it is about keeping traditions alive and eating the foodnecessary for you. We have been shelving their products with us for the past 4 years. Thank you, Robert!

Rika - Fresh Herbs Supplier 

You see those fresh herbs on your dinner table? Yep, they are all from Rika! Full of all the necessary nutrients that you require, we thank them for their
loyalty to Zucchini Greengrocers.

Meru Greens - Arrowroot, Bananas and Matoke Suppliers 

Sometimes it might be hard to believe, but those fresh treats on your table can be healthy too – all thanks to Meru Greens. Organically made produce is always an important factor to us and we are grateful to have them supply
arrowroot, bananas and matoke to us, and to be a part of our Zucchini family.

John Mugo’s  - Oranges and Tangerines Supplier 

John Mugo’s produce needs to be on your Christmas dinner table. We see their organic oranges and tangerines from Tanzania all made in an environment that puts a smile to your face, they have been supplying to us for 12 years now and we can’t get enough of them.

Jane Gichuru - Veggies Supplier 

It is the most festive time of the year, and your Christmas cannot be complete without a little bit of Kibee Gardens Farm produce to indulge to your heart’s content. From brussels sprouts to gooseberries grown in Tigoni – Jane Gichuru has been supplying to us for more than 27 years now. You don’t want to miss out on this one!