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  • Tropical Heat Kenyan Chevda- Original 340g

    Contains Potatoes, Puffed Rice, Yellow Gram Pulses, Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Curry Leaves, Oil, Citric Acid, Salt, Sugar, Spices

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  • Tropical Heat Leaves Bay 5g

    Mjani/Mdalasini Ingredients: Bay Leaves Use in soups, chowders, sauces, marinades, fish and shellfish dishes, pickling, tomato juice, custard sauce, french dressing, cooking vegetables, pot roast, stews...

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  • Tropical Heat Cumin Ground Spice

    Contains Cumin Seeds Usage Use in cheese dishes, rice, eggs, hamburgers, meat pie, spare ribs, meat loaf, kebabs, poultry, soups, stews, barbeque sauce, tomato sauce, salad...

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  • Tropical Heat Ginger Spice

    Tangawizi Ingredients: Dry Ginger 100% pure and Natural No Additives Use in tea and coffee, sauces, appetizers, mulled wine, bread, biscuits, milk puddings, desserts,marinades, curries, meat...

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  • Kara UHT Coconut Cream 65ml

    Kara brings you this Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processed and aseptically packed coconut cream in a handy pack. It achieves the highest hygienic food standard without...

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    Cornitos Nacho Crisps - Sweet Chilli

    Always a good time for Cornitos. Made from Non- GMO corn Cooked in corn Oil

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    Cornitos Nacho Crisps - Cheese & Herbs

    Always a good time for cornitos.  Made from Non- GMO  Cooked in corn oil

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  • New!

    Cornitos Nacho Crisps - Peri Peri

    Always a good time for Cornitos  Made from Non-GMO corn Cooked in Corn Oil

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  • New!

    Cornitos Nacho Crisps - Sizzlin Jalapeno

    Cornitos Sizzlin Jalapeno Nacho Crisps are made from corn and are cooked in healthier oil, which kills your hunger without making you fat. It has zero...

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    Cornitos Nacho Crisps - Tomato Mexicana 30g

    Ingredients : Corn 70%, Edible Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Vegetable Powders, Salt, Spices & Herbs (Chilli, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Oregano, Turmeric, Black Pepper & Persley), Yeast Extract, Milk...

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    Cornitos Nacho Crisps - Barbeque

    Cornitos Barbeque Nacho Crisps with spicy chargrilled taste creates sensations of sweet, heat, tangy and smokey rich flavour. It has zero cholesterol and trans fat making...

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  • Tropical Heat Thyme Leaves 20g

    Ingredients: Thyme Leaves 100 pure and natural No Additives Used in beef, poultry, fish, stuffing,vegetables, seafood,rice, casseroles, stews, soups, tomato sauces, breads and clam chowder. Sprinkle...

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  • Tropical Heat Paprika Spice

    Pili Pili Hoho Ingedients: Paprika Use as a garnish on casseroles, dips, salads, omeletes, potatoes & cream soups & to flavour soups, egg dishes, stews, chicken,...

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  • Tropical Heat Parsley Leaves

    Contains Parsley Leaves Usage Use as a garnish and to flavour soups, stews, egg dishes, vegetables, salads, coleslaw, breads, herb sauces, herb butters, tomato and meat...

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  • Tropical Heat Cinnamon (Cassia)

    Mdalasini Ingredients: Cinnamon 100% pure and natural No Additives Use in pickling, stews, hot chocolate, coffee, milk shakes, mulled wine, pastries & baked foods, toast, chocolate...

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  • Tropical Heat Garlic Powder Spice

    Kitunguu Saumu Ingredients: Garlic and Anti Caking Agent. Use in flavoring eggs, soups, sauces, butter, gravies,salads,salad dressing, meat, cheese dishes, coleslaw, stews, pasta, marinades, bread, rice...

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    Bdelo Maize & Chia Seeds Tortilla Chips 40g

    About product No Gluten 100% Natural No Preservatives Maize & Chia Seeds High in Fibre 100% Authentic Mexican Stile HALAL Certified Made in Kenya with locally...

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  • Tropical Heat Dhana Jeera Spice Seasoning

    Dhania na Jira Ingredients: Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Salt & Turmeric 100% pure and natural No Additives Use to thicken vegetable soups, garnish egg and cheese...

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  • Flat Italian Parsley Per Kg

    Fresh Parsley.

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  • Coconut Local (Per Piece)

    Fresh local Coconuts.

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  • Zucchini Lemon Pickles 100g

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  • Tropical Heat Mixed Herbs Leaves 20g

    Contains Oregano, Sage, Basil, Thyme, Marjoram Usage Use in pasta, pizza, Italian dishes and as a garnish in soups, stews and egg dishes

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  • Tropical Heat Mixed Spices

    Ingredients: Cinnamon, Coriander Seeds, Nutmeg, Cardamoms, Cloves, Ginger and Bay Leaves 100% pure and natural No Additives Use in seasoning curries, casseroles, garnishing pasta, barbecued meat...

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  • Tropical Heat Pilau Masala Spice Seasoning

    Masala ya Pilau Ingredients: Cumin Seeds, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamoms, Cloves 100% pure and Natural No Additives Used in preparing traditional pilau, chicken biriani, coconut rice...

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