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  • Queen Deli Grana Padano Cheese 100g

    Ingredients: Milk, Salt & Rennet

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  • Sirimon Cheese - Everyday

    Firmly textured and with flavours reminiscent of gouda and cheddar combined, our Everyday Cheese is perfect for everyday use. The versatile and easy-to-cook-with cheese is a...

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  • Sirimon Cheese - Feta

    Firm and crumbly, our Sirimon Feta comes in two variations: regular and with za'atar. Regular Feta: a salty white cheese with a tangy finish that hints at...

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  • Queen Deli Italian Pizza Mozzarella 200g

    Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet and citric acid 

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  • Lemoc Pecorino Romano Cheese 100g

    Ingredients: Sheep Milk and Salt

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  • Sirimon Cheese - Cheddar

    Our Sirimon Cheddar is a firm-textured cheese which goes through the unique ‘cheddaring’ process to give it its distinctive taste and texture. Our cheddar is available...

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  • New!

    Browns - Limuru Cheddar 225g

    Browns Limuru Cheddar a traditionally made farmhouse Cheddar with no colouring or additives in making e. It's an ideal cheese for pastas and sauce

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  • Browns - Mozzarella Cheese 200g

    Browns cheese - Mozzarella.

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  • New!

    Browns String Cheese 180g

    Browns Cheese - String Cheese.

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  • Sirimon Cheese - Halloumi 250g

    Squeaky and chewy, our Sirimon Halloumi comes in three variants: regular, piri piri and with nigella seeds.  

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  • Browns - Cottage Cheese 200g

    Browns Cottage Cheese - Vegetarian

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  • New!

    Browns Parmesan cheese

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  • Sirimon Cheese - Mozzarella 250g

    Our Sirimon Mozzarella is moist and delicate with hints of subtle sweetness, coming from the finest milk in Laikipia. The cheese is diligently stretched and kneaded...

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  • Browns Paneer 250g

    Browns Cheese - Paneer.

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  • Sirimon Cheese - Paneer 250g

    Soft and crumbly in texture, our Sirimon Paneer has a neutral taste. Fresh and versatile, our paneer is a blank canvas for any dish. As a...

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  • Browns Gouda 100g

    Browns Gouda is mild & mellow and is made naturally, the milk is of course pasteurized as with all our cheeses, but we use no additives,...

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  • Sirimon Cheese - Mozzarella 500g

    Our Sirimon Mozzarella is moist and delicate with hints of subtle sweetness, coming from the finest milk in Laikipia. The cheese is diligently stretched and kneaded...

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  • Browns Camembert Cheese 200g

    Browns Cheese - Camembert. Nutritional Information  Whole milk, vegetarian rennet, cheese cultures, salt Storage : Store @ 4degree Celcius 

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  • Browns - Brie 125g

    Browns Cheese - Brie.

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  • Irish Mild Cheddah Cheese

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  • Browns Halloumi Cheese 250g

    Well known as the perfect “Nyama Choma” cooking cheese, Brown's Halloumi is delicious sliced and grilled or marinade with lemon juice, olive oil & your favorite herbs and then simply grill...

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  • Browns - Rosemary Camembert 200g

    Browns Cheese - Rosemary Camembert.

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  • Cheese Love - Pizza Cheese 250g

    Pizza Cheese made by Cheese Love.

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  • Browns - Bleu De Brun 150g

    Browns Cheese - Blue De Brun.

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